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Turkish interactive games

We offer our educational game library to all Starlykid students so that they can revise their Turkish language after class.

  • Games in different categories for each age group.
  • 8 different game themes

Questions and answers

Check out the answers to a few questions you may be wondering about the courses.

We recommend that parents attend the first lesson, but this is not required for future lessons. If your child is 4-6 years old, it is especially important that he is supported emotionally during the trial lesson. We ask parents of preschoolers to stay in the classroom until the children get used to the teacher and online learning (usually 2-3 lessons).

With StarlyKID Turkish School, children read the text on the screen, write and draw on the screen, and follow the teacher's speech and facial expressions. For this reason, we recommend that it has a larger screen instead of a smartphone. We care about our children's learning processes and recommend that you use a PC or tablet.

At StarlyKID, Turkish lessons for children are done using the language immersion method that allows them to interact easily. Students look at the materials and teachers explain concepts with fun methods or gestures and facial expressions. Without translation or annotations, children begin to understand words and sentences. After a few lessons, students get used to this format and can easily understand the instructions, repeat, select or answer their teacher.

You don't have to bother downloading any apps to attend classes. Our lessons, organized through StarlyKID online language school, are held interactively and live in a virtual classroom for you, on the day and time you choose. When class time comes, all you have to do is click the "enter class" button. Thus, you can easily attend classes without having to download any programs. It is recommended to watch this video for more details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNMCpGOc7Hg

You can cancel your planned lesson without any loss of rights up to 24 hours in advance through the Starlykid Turkish School platform.

Take a Close Look at Starlykid

To contribute to building a stronger and more colorful world by teaching the children of expat families their native language and helping them preserve their cultural heritage.

  • Supporting curiosity and creativity
  • Offering a fun learning experience
  • Correctly transferring cultural values

To raise individuals connected to their roots by teaching their native languages to children around the world with love and fun.

  • Child - teacher and parent cooperation
  • Eliminating the language barrier
  • Raising self-confident children

StarlyKID has acquired a strong corporate culture so that the children of families migrating abroad do not forget Turkish and can learn the language of the country they go to. At StarlyKID, one-on-one online language lessons are conducted by highly qualified instructors, each of whom receives regular intensive professional training.

  • Supporting the language development of our children migrating abroad
  • Teaching 6 foreign languages, especially Turkish
  • Lessons with teachers with at least 4 years of experience