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Hello, I am Teacher Baykus, I have been teaching English professionally for 13 years, both on basic language and language for spesific purposes. Teach someone in a fun way is my biggest passion. I think touching lives and convey what I know in the best way is one of the most valuable things in this life. Teaching a language to our new students who join the StarlyKID family and being a role model as a good teacher they encounter in their lives is one of the most important factors for me. In order to improve myself academically, I have articles in national and international academic journals on many subjects such as Education Programs, Teaching Techniques, Research Trends, etc., in addition to my graduate education. At the same time, I have 1 book, 4 book chapters and 1 translation book. I am waiting for you all to have fun English and Turkish StarlyKID lessons with me.


Curriculum and Instruction

PhD - Anadolu University Institute of Social Sciences

Curriculum and Instruction

Master's Degree - Adnan Menderes University - Institute of Social Sciences

English Language Teaching

Undergraduate - Çukurova University Faculty of Education

Leadership in European Youth

Youth Project - France National Agency - La Rochelle (France)

English Language Teaching

Erasmus Project- Provinciale Hogeschool Limburg - Hasselt (Belçika)(1 yıl)


Teaching English for Spesific Purposes

Selçuk University, Türkiye

Teaching Basic English

Selçuk University, Türkiye

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